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No Risk, no Fun? We Take a Different View.

Insurance management is much more than just concluding a policy. It is vital to analyse risks professionally and to assess them correctly. Since if industry-specific risks increase, liability issues may evolve into major problems, not infrequently even jeopardising the existence of a company. Our maiergroup liability management system comprises all measures to be taken to prevent or minimise legal claims and to secure your own claims against third parties.

Analyse Risks Professionally. This Makes all the Difference.


Integrated Support by Your Special Broker

As competent special brokers, we employ an experienced team of specialists with extensive industry-specific knowledge. Our team assures you and your company an integrated support, from risk analysis to claims processing. The focus here is on a comprehensive, customised coverage with an optimum cost-benefit-ratio.

Commercial Customers and industries

Business Insurances

Special Solutions and Individual Industry Concepts for Top Insurance Cover

maiergroup versicherungsmakler GmbH is your special broker and industry expert for individual insurances and product liability. Thanks to our large reputation and vast network, you benefit from extensive insurance cover – with optimum performance ratio and best possible support. Our main expertise concentrates on the sectors of medical technology, precision technology, mechanical engineering as well as on producers from industry and commerce.

Our team of specialists will find the ideal insurance cover based on your and your company’s needs – regardless of your organisation’s size. The basis hereof are the individual needs and specific risk requirements of your company and your industry. Our top priority: We choose the best solution for you and your company!

maiergroup versicherungsmakler GmbH offers industry-specific insurance solutions in the following business sectors:

Services for Commercial Customers

Risk Analysis
Non-binding and personal analysis of risks
Risk Inventory
For your business’ best possible risk cover
Annual Meeting with Existing Clients
We cover new risks and the sums insured
Transfer of Cover at Better Conditions
We seek the best and most efficient products for you
Fire Protection Advice
We inform you about relevant fire protection regulations
Guaranteed Price-Performance-Ratio at the Best
You benefit from our personal support
Customised Insurance Solutions for all Industries
Which are updated annually
Periodic Calculation of the Insured Sums
To avoid under- or overinsurance
Liability Management Programme
Prevent claims made against the business
Assistance in Legal Matters
By our specialist cooperation partners
All-Round Support by Specialised Cooperation Partners
Best possible support through extensive network

maiergroup Exzedent

Enhanced Security by Intelligent Top-Up: maiergroup’s Excess

maiergroup’s Excess provides a completely new insurance coverage concept. In addition to the basic cover of public and product liability the Excess offers an additional subsequent coverage.

For clarification: Excess means “top-up” and we use it particularly with business liability. The excess liability insurance supplements an existing liability basic cover by the agreed insured sum. This is less expensive than topping up the insured sum of the basic cover – for example, if a customer needs very large insured sums.

maiergroup‘s Excess – Your Benefits at a Glance

Low Premium

Low premium through maiergroup’s Community principle for entrepreneurs.


The double amount of the specified insured sum is made available annually to all policyholders of maiergroup’s Excess concept.

All for One

As co-policyholders in maiergroup’s framework contract, we offer all insured parties a subsequent coverage in addition to the basic cover – Keeping with the principle “All for One”.

Additional Special Cover

For a premium surcharge you will receive an optional coverage for the provided insured sums, only for your business.

Private Customers


Protect Yourselves. Breathe a Sigh of Relief. maiergroup‘s Strong Private Insurances.

People have very different and individual needs for security. For some people property protection is most important, for others a good cover for dispute resolution or a high-performance health insurance is what counts. Therefore, as special insurance broker, maiergroup versicherungsmakler GmbH offers individual private insurances as well. Whether health and private provision, automobile, property or legal protection – our selected product portfolio meets your requirements for strong private insurances fully.

Our competent specialists gladly advise you regarding all insurance options for private individuals and assist you also in case of an insurance claim. Our aim is the best possible cover of your private risks at an optimum cost-benefit-ratio.

Our Private Insurances at a Glance:

Products Pension Scheme / Asset Management / Retirement Planning

  • Basic Pension (Rürup)
  • Riester Pension
  • Company Pension
  • Private Pension Insurances

Provision for Surviving Dependants

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Funeral Expense Insurance

Products Health Insurance / Health Management

  • Company Health Insurance
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Supplementary Health Insurance for all Fields (Dental Outpatient, Inpatient)
  • Supplementary Nursing Care Insurance
  • Daily Allowance Insurance

Benefits Automobile, Property, Legal Protection, Accident:

  • Funeral Expense Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Household Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Legal Expense Insurance

Products Manpower / Income Protection

  • Occupational Disability Insurance
  • Serious Diseases Prevention
  • Basic Capability Insurance

Benefits Health Insurance / Health Management

  • Rate Review for Existing Contracts
  • Employee Brochures
  • Digital Contract Management

Benefits Pension Scheme / Asset Management / Retirement Planning

  • Analysis und Assessment of Existing Pension Systems
  • Digital Management
  • Employee Portals
  • Working Time Account Models
  • Legal Certainty for Employers
  • Framework Contracts


A Strong Network

Our top priority is to advise you at the best and to develop the perfect solution for your company. We therefore focus on a strong network of national and international partners. These include amongst others the Bundesverband Deutscher Versicherungsmakler (Federal Association of German Insurance Brokers), renowned, independent insurance brokers as well as law firms for independent asset planning, investment advice, financing advice and estate brokerage.

Leading Brokers

LEADING BROKERS UNITED is among the top 3 insurance brokers in the DACH region. The owner-managed, long-term planning company has focussed on small and medium-sized businesses. They are globally networked and personally on site at more than 60 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey.

LEADING BROKERS UNITED is highly specialised, diversified and offers market-leading special solutions for over 30 industries and products: from Automotive via Real Estate and Shipbuilding to Cyber, D&O or Technical insurances.