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For all questions concerning financing, leasing, capital investments or real estate, we are your reliable partner. We represent competent, serious advice and select from a highly attractive portfolio with multiple benefits. Our experienced network partners operate independent of vendors and bankers.

Capital Investments Need an Experienced and Competent Partner

Our Network

Benefit From our Specialist Network

By longtime cooperations with notable finance companies, we obtain a high and rapid approval rate. Moreover, our specialists feature a wide range of appropriate leasing and finance companies offering the best conditions.

Financing Advice


Financing Advice and Financing Brokerage by our Network Partners – Private and Commercial

In close cooperation with you, our financing specialists develop a financing concept tailored to your needs. We secure best possible conditions and take into consideration any public funding opportunities.

Our Services

With Local Banks and Building Societies
Private Financing Brokerage
For Purchase, New Construction, Modernisation and Follow-Up Financings
Forward Loans
Up to 60 Months
Both in Start-Up and Growth Phase

Investment Advice


Real Estate Assets

Real estate assets rank among the key elements of investment products. We offer you the complete know-how for the brokerage, evaluation, project planning, financing and management of real estate. You receive thus a competent, solid basis to take the right decisions.

Capital Investment, Investment Advice and Individual Asset Concept

Be it individual papers, ETFs, funds, gold or real estate: We devise an individual asset concept for you, taking into consideration your anticipated return and risk appetite as well as a selection of the top asset management funds in the market.

Our Services

Classic Investment Advice with Service Fee
Waives issue premiums and expensive purchase cost
Classic or ETF Asset Management
We devise an individual asset concept for you
Family Office Services
Long-term management of family assets
Liquidity Management
Monitoring of the current liquidity status
Portfolio Monitoring and Ongoing Optimisation
Competent support through investment advice
Order Proposals
Your personal risk appetite is the main factor
Regular Reporting
You determine the cycle
Asset Accumulation Through Fund and ETF Savings Plans
Professional asset management
Sustainable Investments
Integrate responsible and social investment
Investment Advice about Future Technologies
Invest in the future with megatrends

Financing Offers


Leasing and Financing Offers

You decide on capital goods, on vendor and on purchase price. Our network partner, operating independent of vendors and bankers, seeks suitable investors and finance companies offering the best conditions for your asset to be financed, for example machines, vehicles, IT or factory equipment. They submit you an offer that pays off for you and that responds to your requests as to residual value, duration etc.

Leasing Benefits at a Glance:

Experienced and competent in the mobile investment assets industry
Tax Benefits
As deductible expenses, lease payments reduce your taxable income
Your technology is always state-of-the-art
Equal Instalments
Ensure a precise calculation basis
Balance Sheet Neutrality
Leasing eases your equity ratio
Self-Financing of the Leased Assets (Pay-As-You-Earn-Effect)
You pay with the exploitation revenue
Rapid and high approval rate
Financial Independence
Existing liquidity margins remain unchanged


We are Open to Receive Your Questions

You have questions on the topics of capital investments, financing or leasing? We will gladly support and advise you.


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